Standard Tandoori

After several months of "shall we shan't we" Bret and Randdy decided they had to revisit the curry house unaffectionately known as "The SUB". If you haven't worked out why it was called "The SUB" then you really should get out more.

The standard has spruced up its website, with pictures of its mobile charcoal tandoori oven which is always a winner at any family gathering. Once inside an expansive, easy wipe clean menu is placed before you and on first inspection the 10 different beers on offer all seem very tempting. The bad news for our thirsty reviewers was that 8 of these were out of stock, and if the birdy brew on draught was all they had to offer we would have been making a swift exit. The good news was large bottles of cobra were quick to arrrive with slightly stale popadoms and a selection of dips.

The menu really did provide a great deal of different options and a standard special and Chicken Bhuna were ordered to follow our bahji's and Lamb Choila. I never knew Koala's were made of lamb but very tasty indeed, bhajis were also of a good quality and our apprehensiveness of our night out was starting to wane.

The Standard uses its own blend of spices to create a slightly different taste to the normal curry experience and they have to be applauded for differing from the norm to provide a slightly different experience.

Top quality main courses and more cobra slid down and the only real downside was a slight lack of quality service. Rather than being on hand for all your dining needs they kept their distance and only approached when summoned, not really a downside but could be viewed as a plus point if you wanted to hold an important business meeting at 8pm on a Tuesday night. More wipe clean desert menus followed and the obligatory ice cream for Bret and liquer coffee for Randdy topped of a very good meal all round.

No towels but delicious mints and a low bill really made this VFM.

In short the "SUB" may even be renamed the "Slightly Above"??????



Randdy Dogoe gave this restaurant 66

Bret Myri scored this establishment 72

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