Bret and Randdy's Bhuna Review

First Impressions

Name (1-5)                        

Website (1-5)                    

Ambience (1-5)                        

(Décor/Other Punters/Exterior appearance/Music)

(Clarity/Layout/Content/Easy clean)

The Food

Popadom/Dip (1-5)                     

Starter (1-20)                       


Sidedish (1-5)                        

Dessert (1-5)                          

(Choices 6 average, 8 good 10+ excellent)

A Bit on The Side

Service (1-10)                        

(Speed Quality Courtesy)

Toilets (1-5)                          

Towels Mints Stuff (1-5)                


Bonus Points

Total =

How did it leave me?

Unknown Superlative                            

Great curry                        

A Fine and tasty meal                             

Next day squits                        

Not enough bog roll in the fridge          

Little or No control of My bodily Functions    

That night wishing you were dead          


Good for…

>80 Night out with the Swedish Au Pair   

65-80 Friends                          

60-65 A detour                         

55-60 Dinner with the missus            

50-55 Place on the way home from the pub

40-50 Recommending to your worse enemy   

< 40 A Fight                           

VFM (±5)                            

Owner shaking hands with Gandhi (+100)  

Pictures of Famous Happy Customers   (+1)

Fight  (+1)                               

Internal Neon \ Moving water picture  (+1)

Free Stuff      (+1) 

Bangla Beer            (+1)                 

Beer (1-5)                             

Menu (1-5)