New Anarkali, East Molesey

What ever happenened to the Old Anarkali, is the first question on everybodys lips, swiftly followed by what kind of lager do you sell??? When the reply is draught Kingfisher or small bottles of Cobra you know you may be in for a tough evening.

Perhaps the Old Anarkali was an Italian restaurant as the New Anarkali has the feel and decor of a place that you would expect to see Robert de Niro sitting in the corner, light yellows and bright lights provide crisp and clean surroundings but certainly the place lacks the feel of a traditional curry house.

Lack of staff is one thing that the place cannot be critiscised for as 5 or 6 waistcoated servers milled around constantly asking if Sir would like another beer, the only down side to this being having to wait for the one member of staff with a pen in order that you can place your order. Perhaps when staff out number customers, one should think of eating elsewhere??

Chicken Tikka and Onion Bahjiis arrived promptly, maybe too promptly. The Bahjiis where soft on the outside and inside and the tikka resembled sticks of chicken kebab rather than the sizzling splendour of tasty chunks of meat and onions. Main courses again arrived in good time and the Lamb Bhuna had to be one of the finest ever eaten, very well spiced and a good variety of ingredients made it a fine choice. Chicken biryiani was also good but nothing spectacular.

A varied selection of desserts and the offer of a free liqueuer are always most welcome, however the option of live meat (ants) in the toilets are never a good sign. The toliets also being let down by that sticky feeling as you walk across the room is never welcomed.

It has to be said that this meal was nothing other than ordinary, the only points of note were that its created a new rating element for these reviews......go to the curry house opposite instead!!!! and  also debuted the first curry for our Northern correspondent, who added that if this is the standard of curry down south then he will be staying at home.....for the rest of his life.


Wali Jisonem gave marks of 62

Bret Myri scored this establishment 62

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