Paradise, Hampstead

Our London correspondent invited Bret and Rich to a London eatery for an evening of highbrow intellect. There was none on offer so we went out for a curry instead.

Paradise sums up visions of Bounty adverts, sundrenched beaches, bikinis and good times.  On arriving at this busy retaurant one imagined that their vision of paradise was slightly different. A friendly atmosphere was guaranteed as all patrons sat snugly together, three couples out for aromantic evening at a table for two would find themselves sat easyjet style elbow to elbow exchanging pleasantries. White washed walls with minimal yellow stenciling gave the impression that maybe the place doubled as a Greek or Italian retaurant at lunchtime, with a simple staff change all that was required to provide the ambience.

Beer and popadoms arrived after 10 mins which has to be an all time record. Perhaps the staff were struggling to squeeze between the tables??

Well presented starters followed which were received happily all round. Excellent onion bhajees, tender chicken tikka (No Sizzler) and tasty samosas. main courses also followed in a similar vein of good presentation and well seasoned.  I have to say that im sure that any dish ordered in Paradise would be equally as tasty and a random choice from the menu is almost guaranteed to leave one pleased.

However as mentioned earlier, you have to think that Hampstead's view of Paradise is slightly different from mine. Aromatic smells set your taste buds and stomach into a state of great expectation, all the food looked wonderful and tasted great, but that wasnt my stomach being excited, it was it begging for mercy. A forty mile walk home is a strong recommendation to try and ease some of the lead weight from your guts. I can assure all patrons "enjoyed" the smell of last nights dining the next day before breakfast, but more likely in the middle of the night.

So next time your looking at holiday brochures of those sandy beaches and beautiful vistas, remember one thing........put an extra bog roll in the fridge before you go!!!

Bret Myri scored this establishment 58

Rich Rebrys (Guest Reviewer) rated this restaurant 65

Amdan Lal-Patel (London Correspondent) marked this eatery 60

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