Bret Myri and Randdy Dogoe cut their curry teeth amid dark and late nights in Winchester back in the mid 1980’s. At that time the after pub options were: go to the chip shop and watch a fight; go to the kebab shop (next door) and stand too close to a fight; or go for a curry and hopefully keep most of the fights outside by the other late night eateries. This love of food from the sub-continent (and the fact that you could keep drinking) made for many evenings sampling the delicacies of then “Shahee Mahal” and the ‘professionally’ signed “Winchester Curry and Tandoori Centre”. Since those heady days of Woodpecker cider, trout Balti and the Tandoori Salad, Bret and Randdy went their separate directions on a quest for the perfect Indian meal. It is only by serendipity (and the expiry of a restraining order) that their paths have crossed some 20 years later.



Dr Randdy Dogoe

RD has 25 years experience of the curry industry from both sides of the popdum dips. He has travelled extensively throughout the Asian Subcontinent sampling regional delicacies, local beers and the odd bang lassi. His best selling book on one-up manship in the Indian food industry entitled “Naan Na Na-Na-Na!” is currently the subject of a law suit and under investigation by the BBC’s Panorama programme. His favourite dishes that he will regularly be dipping into are Chicken Tikka and Lamb Rogan.

Bret Myri

BM has 25 years experience of the curry industry and a particularly large knowledge of English Curry establishments. His gargantuan achievements have included being back to back winner of the 1986 and 1987 Kurma Challenge (“The pursuit for the blandest curry imaginable”) and (jointly with Randdy) eating curry at the same English restaurant 7 nights in succession. His book about the history of curry in the entertainment industry entitled “Bhuna Vesta” is currently lost in translation. His favourite dishes which he will be chowing down to are Onion Bhaji’s and Chicken Biryani.


Together Randdy Dogoe and Bret Myri are proud to bring you BhunaReview.