Miah’s - The Garden Of Gulab

The first thing to say about Miah’s Garden of Gulab is that it is a Chain restaurant, with two other Miah’s dotted about Berkshire. But this is no McCurry,  Curry King, Kentuck Fried Curry or Curry Hut. This is quality traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine at it’s near best.

This was infact our second visit to ‘The Garden’. The first time we were persuaded to go to the inner belly of the plush menu and select from the Contemporary offerings. On that occasion I have to say it was less “Garden of Gulab” and more “Pardon hot Goolash”. We were not overly impressed despite a veritable balti of free-bees. So, with steely glare and an eye to continuity in reviewing standards I think we tacitly agreed on sticking to the traditional fare.

The restaurant is pleasantly arranged, with a reception area and bar front of house, leading through to a more secluded area which is dimly lit, but atmospheric non-the-less. Prompt and very polite service and we were quickly reassured with our Bangla’s and popdums. In fact, the service was super polite all evening without crossing the line of obsequiousness. The selection of pickles is second to none, with no more than six chutney proxies to choose from with my own personal favourite being a red, coconut based concoction.

Onion Bhajis and chicken tikka were both of a very high standard and hard to fault, possibly the bhajis a little too crisp?. Quite liked the way the cucumber had been sliced in the salad too which made me feel all the more guilty for leaving it on the plate (as ever). Main courses very hard to fault too. Personally the Rogan isn’t as quite as good as that served by the Bengal Reef, but that very much comes down to personal taste. Very good vegetable curry with the biriani and chapati’s were served as they were cooked so arrived good and hot.

A full compliment of semi-frozen deserts with names to amuse and bemuse were available, although we did have to ask for the desert menu. Nice little touch of free brandy’s super heated in there own carousel – particularly good as BM was driving and had to pass his over.

Miah’s Garden of Gulab qualified for some award or other at the British Curry Awards in 2007 (according to the web site). This actually means it came in the top 100 of the 3000 or so restaurants nominated, which is still pretty good really. For the price, quality and service we reckon they deserve it.


Randdy Dogoe gave this restaurant 81

Bret Myri scored this establishment 85

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