Gaylord India Restaurant

Service is second to none in this "India restaurant", it has an expansive menu and the only place i have ever known to have a champagne buffet at the weekend.

The reason for both the above is that the Gaylord is situated in the Rio all suite hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

Thats all the good news over with as the owners provide a true taste of india for the american palate, bland and tasteless. Its amazing that the food can be so well cooked and taste so bad. They als import kingfisher lager, which is another big mistake as the birdy brew never helps any meal go down, only back up.

Disasterously they also do not serve onion bahjis, so the traditional starter of champions was not available. Cleverly the knowledgable waiters noticed a curry connisseur was in the house and advised the chef to spice the curry up a lot even though chicken vindaloo had already been ordered. After sending back the blandest curry in history, deep felt apologies and super spicy curry returned. This still remained bland but quite hot and was washed down with a complimentary kingfisher to ease my obvious disgust.

Not much more to say about this place apart from they received plenty of complaints about the food being too hot from the locals and not being spicey enough from the tourists, so be advised tell them you are an indian chef on a spying mission or you could be in for the worst stew you have ever eaten.

The real plus point is that the casino and hotel are both great, food.....not so sure

Bret Myri scored this establishment 59