• SMB – From windows


Use SMB to see file shares

From Kali box

A.      type smbclient –N –L \\\\ipaddressoftarget\\

B.       try connecting to any shares

C.      Type smbclient –N \\\\ipaddressoftarget\\nameoftargetshare EG \\\\\\backups

D.      If you connect you will see smb: at the command prompt

E.       Type dir to see contents of a share

Use SMB to see file shares

From Windows box

A.      Open cmd prmpt - Net use - shows shares

B.       Open cmd prmpt - Net user - shows user accounts on the server


SMB Scanning – Using Metasploit

From Kali box

A.      https://www.offensive-security.com/metasploit-unleashed/port-scanning/