• Nessus – using the Nessus tool to scan for network vulnerabilities


Use Nessus to find vulnerabilities

From windows box

A.      In the address bar of the browser type https://localhost:8834 and press Enter.

B.       Login to Nessus

C.      Nessus - My Scans page appears as shown in the screenshot. To add a new policy, click Policies Under the Resources section on the left pane.

D.      Nessus - Policies page appears, click Create a new policy link.

E.       Nessus - Policy Templates page appears, click Advanced Scan.

F.       The Policy General Settings section with BASIC setting type appears, specify a policy name in the Name field (NetworkScan_Policy), and give a description about the policy.

G.      In Settings section, select Host Discovery from the DISCOVERY drop-down list. Turn off Ping the remote host option (toggle the blue switch to left).

H.      Select Port Scanning and check the Verify open TCP ports found by local port enumerators option.

I.         In the Setting section, select ADVANCED  - Set the values of Max number of TCP sessions per host and Max number of TCP sessions per scan as unlimited.

J.        To configure the credentials of new policy, click the Credentials tab. The Credentials page appears. Click Windows in the left pane of the page. – (Enter credentials)

K.       click the Plugins tab. Do not alter any of the options in this window and click Save button.

L.        click Scans to open the My Scans page. Click Create a new scan link to view the Scan Templates

M.    click User Defined tab and select NetworkScan Policy.

N.     Input the Name of the scan (here, Local Network), enter the Description for the scan, in Targets field, enter the IP address of the target on which you want to perform the vulnerability assessment.

O.     Click Schedule settings and turn off the Enabled switch, select Launch from the drop-down list to start the scan.

P.       After the scan is completed a tick mark is visible which indicates that scan is completed. Click the tab to view the detailed results