• Using Snow steganography to hide files and data
    • Hiding files using spaces and tabs
    • Use OpenStego to hide text in images


Using Snow to hide text in whitespace

From windows box

A.      Make sure that the Snow folder has the file in you would like to hide your data in. (this example called Tim.txt

B.       Open command prompt from the snow folder

C.      Type snow -C -m "My swiss bank account number is 45656684512263" -p "magic" tim.txt tim2.txt 

D.      This hides the above text in the tim2.txt file with a password of magic

E.       type snow -C -p "magic" readme2.txt, and press Enter. It will show the contents of readme.txt


From windows box to use Openstego

A.      Run Openstego - Click ellipsis, under the Message File section – Message File (Text document to be hidden) - Click ellipsis, under Cover File. (Jpeg to hide text in) - Click ellipsis, under Output Stego File – (Choose where to place output)

B.       Click Hide Data

C.      To reveal data repeat in reverse

 From windows box to use Quickstego

A.      Run QuickStego - click Open Image, under Picture, image, Photo File. (Select Image File)

B.       To embed text in the image, click Open Text, under the Text file. (Select Text to Embed)

C.      To save the image (in which the text is hidden), click on Save Image, under PictureimagePhoto File. Provide the file name stego, and click Save

D.      To see hidden text Open image with QuikStego.



steghide –extract -sf ./Granted.jpg

binwalk -e

java -jar Stegsolve.jar

strings ./HackerAccessGranted.jpg


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