Rich Rebrys (Guest Reviewer)

Just look at Rich and you know he enjoys his food. He has the look of someone who can put away meal after meal without coming up for air.   Rich is an expert in eating in all the finest dining establishments around the world, his knowledge of global cuisine is second to none and he is always keen to sample dishes old and new from all corners of the globe.

He is firmly patriotic and therefore always tries to eat a countrys national dish when reviewing an establishment. Chicken Tikka Masala being his favourite.

Amdan Lal-Patel (London Correspondent)

Our London correspondent spent their formative years in the Far East, so Far East in fact its almost West. Although Amdan regually writes for some local fanzine, BhunaReview is aimed at a much higher socio-economic group and can't be having the lightweight tittle-tattle that Amdan is associated with. Amdan likes the drier curry, Jalfrezi being a favourite which is a suprise as most journalists prefer the sauce!

Wali Jisonem (Northern Correspondent)

Wali is used to fine Northern dining. Not just deep fried mars bars but proper curry served on plates and everything.  Although impressed with southern houses having inside toilets and running water, Wali has generally been disappointed with the quality and quality of meals down south. He has no particular favorite dish as he believes that variety, truly is the spice of live.